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Our showroom was opened in 1995. Since then still at the same location, in the city center of Budapest: Teréz körút n. 37 (Pest side).

The floor area of our showroom and retail store is 100 sqm which allows us to exhibit from 30 to 40 items at the same time – Grand pianos, acoustic and digital Upright Pianos. The majority of our stock is made of refurbished second-hand instruments, according to Hungarian market demand.

Each piano we offer is in impeccable mechanical state due to our professional selection before purchasing them from our suppliers, both national and international companies. After transporting we perform an in-depth examination of the received item, which includes inspection, tuning, intonation, action mechanism regulation, or whatever kind of maintenance work the newly-arrived Instrument might require before it is given away, yet saving the unique character of each one, in order to ensure that our Clients can get the most out of piano playing.

Our team will be happy to support you in your decision-making, step by step, beginning with how to find the showroom to a customized payment solution, including rental possibilities, too.

We believe in reliable and honest work which will be rewarded in long term.

You are welcome to visit us!

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