Rent a Piano


Rent a Piano

Long term Rental

If you…

  • hesitate to buy a Piano*
  • your children start to take piano lessons*
  • spend a long time in but not live permanently in Budapest
we offer you a Long-term Rental agreement giving you the opportunity to test and try one of our Grand pianos, acoustic or digital Upright pianos directly at your home.

*first 6 months rental fee will be included to price if you buy it

Rental fees and conditions

Acoustic or digital Upright Pianos: starting from HUF 8 000 a month + transport costs
Acoustic Grand Pianos: customized quotation based on our current stock

For further information feel free to contact us!

Short term Rental

We also offer you a Short-term Rental agreement for special „occasions”. You can rent acoustic or digital Upright Pianos, and acoustic Grand Pianos, depending on our current stock.

For further information feel free to contact us!


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