Repair and maintenance


Repair and maintenance

Are you dissatisfied with your piano’s sound? Jammed or rustling keys? Noisy pedals?

Our team of professional piano experts offers you smaller repairs – carried out in your home. 

You are welcome to book this Maintenance Service at the point of regular/annual Tuning Service, in order to guarantee proper function to your grand/upright Piano.

Due to their wooden structure acoustic grand/upright Pianos are highly sensitive to ambience conditions (humidity, temperature) variations, which can effect a light displacement of fixing screws, center wires, felts, etc. These small mechanical parts – of which you can find a plenty in the mechanism of a Piano – need to be checked and restored at least once, preferibly twice a year, otherwise you risk a big problem growing from a small defect (f.i. a loose screw might effect the deterioration of other parts of the action mechanism). The best moment to execute maintenance is the point of regular/annual Tuning Service, in order to guarantee to your grand/upright Piano a proper function.

In  the case of serious problems, when actually a bigger repair work is necessary, our Service Team will execute an inspection at your grand/upright Piano in loco, and afterwards you can decide if our quotation is affordable for you. Sometimes unfortunately it may happen – expecially for older Pianos – that there is no way to fix them at a bearable price, or it is not worth to repair.


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