Tuning service


Tuning service

Our team of professional piano experts offers you an in-door Tuning Service (in-loco, at your home) of your grand/upright Piano.

Tuning Service fees:

Budapest: HUF 20.000
Country: HUF 20.000 Ft plus „call-out” charges (travel expenses)

FAQ about Tuning

How frequently does my grand/upright Piano need tuning?

In the home, twice a year is generally sufficient. Annual tuning can be also adequate (depends on your in-door climate, and how often you play the Piano).

Which are the optimal climate circumstances for grand/upright Pianos?

temperature: 18-24 °C
humidity: 40-60% (priority of hum. to temp.)

What is „acclimatization” time and how long it is?

When a Piano is transfered to a new place (f.i. just bought, family moving, etc.) it needs some time before you book a Tuning Service. It is recommanded to wait usually about 2-3 weeks, depending on your internal ambience conditions.

What happens when „Tuning”?

Over time, strings tend to loosen, which causes that the piano sound becomes less sweet and stable as it could be. „Tuning”means that strings will stretch to their proper tension level. Tuning Service carried out at a certain frequence provides your Piano with a consistent, professional sound, and simplifies Tuner’s work.

Hangolás, Tuning fork

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